Sport Center

A modern gym is available for those who want to maintain their fitness. It has been designed to combine excellent sporting facilities with our stringent safety standards. The fitness center is air-conditioned and outfitted with equipment from the prestigious global brand Panatta X-pression. You’ll find everything you need for a full cardio or strength training session. It is conveniently located near the other sports center and refreshment facilities.

Swimming pool

The indoor pool will quickly become your favorite place to relax and cool off, thanks to its large size and modern appearance.
Dimmed lights, soft music, and green decorations with bamboo accents round out the overall relaxation and tranquility experience. Regardless of the weather outside, you will be able to indulge.

During the summer, when the temperatures outside rise, the pool is an excellent choice for entertaining. During the winter, you can combine swimming and spa relaxation by visiting the sauna park and relaxation area. Individual and group swimming lessons are available throughout the year from professional instructors.

Wearing a swimming cap is mandatory. If you do not have one, you can buy one on-site. There are also combination promotional packages for the pool, sauna, steam room, and gym.

Water aerobics.

Water aerobics is a series of rhythmic exercises performed in a swimming pool. Park Hotel Vitosha’s Maria Spitzer Water Aerobics Club combines fitness, swimming, and fun. Workouts are scheduled and carried out using equipment.


The room is constructed with materials that do not trap dust and provide a healthy workout environment. The flooring received special attention. We chose one that provides slip resistance, minimal noise under heavy loads, and durability for high-intensity movements.

Light background music will help to create a pleasant environment for sports. There is also an option to use an LCD TV. Professional fitness instructors can create a custom training program and diet plan for you.

Фитнес в Парк Хотел Витоша
Е-фит тренировки в Парк Хотел Витоша

E-fit treatments § workouts

There is no need for exhausting workouts to get in shape. EMS workouts and classes help you look and feel better in your body. Two 20-minute workouts per week are sufficient to burn excess fat, tighten and shape your figure, and alleviate lower back pain. E-fit has won “Fitness of the Year” in the “Fitness Innovation” category twice in a row (in 2014 and 2015). The program is appropriate for anyone, regardless of gender, age, or level of fitness. The price per workout includes a personal trainer and workout clothes (a leotard).


The Grand Slam tennis courts, nestled in an outdoor garden and close to restaurants, are the ideal setting for a sporting challenge. If you enjoy tennis or are looking for a good dose of adrenaline, get a tennis workout in. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tennis player, you’ll find ideal conditions to enjoy the sport and improve your skills.

The three courts have different surfaces: red and HAR TRU. The tennis courts are well-lit year-round. They are outside in the summer and indoors in the winter, respectively. A high bubble temperature is maintained, the highest in the country. You can also go for coached training.

Тенис корт София - Витоша Парк Хотел
Тенис корт в София - Витоша Парк Хотел



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E-fit treatments

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