Relax Zone

A complete holiday in Sofia is not a mirage. The relaxation area of Park Hotel Vitosha allows you to achieve complete harmony between body and mind. The comfortable beds allow you to relax alone in silence and solitude, or to converse with friends or partners. We carefully considered every detail to create a cosy environment conducive to relaxation and enjoyment.


Какъв по-приятен начин за укрепване на здравето и постигане на вътрешен баланс от един масаж? Незаменимо е чувството след дълъг ден, преминал в работни ангажименти, да се отдадете на релакс. Масажът като метод за релаксация и лечение е познат още от дълбока древност. Наред с пълната гама от традиционни масажи, в Парк Хотел Витоша предлагаме над 15 вида терапии за релакс, тонус и добро здраве. Използваме висок клас козметика – на елитни световни марки. Оставете се в ръцете на опитни терапевти и усетете как умората от забързаното ежедневие отстъпва място на наслада.

Sauna Park

Relax at Park Hotel Vitosha’s sauna park, which features a contrast pool, steam bath, Finnish, infrared, and herbal saunas. Under the influence of the high humidity and temperature, you will feel as if your daily routine melts away, leaving only a blissful feeling of pleasure. The amenities and services provided meet the standards for a 4-star spa experience. The benefits of visiting the sauna and steam room have been known since antiquity, and the spa’s wellness specialists are available to provide recommendations and advice. The sauna park’s architecture promotes discretion and convenience when entering the cooling break areas and contrast pool.

The sauna park cannot be used:


Лекият загар прави кожата още по-красива. Постигнете здравословен тен с посещение на солариум. Солариумът в Парк Хотел Витоша е модерен и безопасен, с ергономична форма и осветление, щадящо очите. Има възможност за консултации със специалист и изготвяне на индивидуална програма.

Beauty salons
Rich Beauty Salon

Rich Beauty Salon’s mission is to provide beauty and smiles. Feel like a real princess with professionally done hair, makeup, and manicures. The team will take care of you with cosmetics from top brands such as CHI, Bluesky, Canni, Kodi, KEUNE, and others.

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Beauty Salon MOAR

At Moar Salon you can find hair extension treatments, hairdressing, laser hair removal, facials and radiant skin treatments, manicures and pedicures. Hairdressing and hair extensions – our stylists use the latest techniques and products to create the perfect hairstyle for you. Laser hair removal – we offer high quality services for permanent hair removal with the latest laser technology. Enjoy smooth skin without unwanted hair. At Moar Salon, we offer a variety of treatments that include deep cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation. Manicures and pedicures – your hands and feet deserve special attention. Come to Moar Salon and discover a world of beauty and relaxation where your every wish is our mission. Ochakwame vi with pleasure and usmivka!



Contact us if you have a question or would like to book an appointment for your spa day.
Our team will prepare an offer to suit your requirements and will consider every detail.

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