E-fit EMS procedures and training
The technology of the future combined with classical motions  for the quick and visible result!
Beauty and vitality
With the help of EMS technology and an  individual training plan you can have quickly and easily better  shape, more tightened skin, decreasing weight, postparum recovery.  Gives a guaranteed solution for cellulite problems.
Fitness and sport
The key to the effectivity of E-fit treatments is the simultaneous stimulation of the whole body. All the muscle groups are trained at the same time and the average training time is reduced to 1/6.  It can be used for ripping muscles, for fitness  , for muscle building and muscle toning.
Health and rehabilitation
E-fit gives a solution also for those who can not make exacting trainings. We provide a  solution  in a short time for back and spinal pain, for muscle spasm. The method can beeffectively  used in case of joint problems, injury and after surgery.