VITOSHA Park Hotel Fitness Center design is finished to the highest professional standards. It successfully corresponds to the unique hotel ambience and the safety and comfort requirements one would have during the active training process.  

Our attention is focused on the details that make a difference, such as:

Location. The Fitness Center is situated in the hotel lobby, in convenient proximity to the refreshment outlets, the Wellness Center units and the Sports shop.

Lay-out.  The areas, equipped for the different types of work-outs (power trainings, cardiovascular trainings, etc) have a practical and easy-to-access position. The space between the fitness devises is enough to ensure the comfort and ease of movement. While using any of the fitness devices you will also enjoy a nice view.  Quiet music and LCD TV supplement the nice training atmosphere.

 Lighting. The lighting is suitable for the  different training areas. Its intensity can be controlled in accordance with the individual needs.

Air-conditioning and Heating. The premises always boast fresh air and temperatures, corresponding to the period of the year.

Safety and Hygiene. We paid a special attention to the selection of the Fitness Center flooring. It is reinforced in order to increase its stability and endurance of strike and intensive exercise and to minimize the noise during heavy work-out routines. The flooring is non-slippery and easy to maintain. The Fitness Center is finished with high quality dust-free materials to ensure long-lasting and healthy environment.    

Equipment. VITOSHA Park Hotel Fitness Center is equipped with devices of the international leading brand Panatta X-pression. Their aesthetic and ergonomic design stands for comfort and delight for each part of your body. Your safety and  good trainings are guaranteed.

Services. In VITOSHA Park Hotel Fitness Center you can avail of the following services: professional fitness instructors; tailor-made training routines and/or dietary regimes; packages with various rates and periods give you the opportunity to combine your exercises with steam bath, sauna and swimming pool use.  

VITOSHA Park Hotel Management is strictly supervising the quality of the aforementioned amenities. The Fitness Center team will not only provide the  perfect venue for sports but also for you business contacts development. 

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