Grand Slam Bar & Dinner
Bar & Dinner Grand Slam represents an individual outlet, located close to VITOSHA Park Hotel and the tennis courts, able to accommodate up to 60 seated guests indoors and more in the open garden. The exterior is nicely decorated with comforting water features and greenery. The Club stands out with its own rhythm and image that turned it into a sought-after escape from the hectic business routine.
 The ambiance is informal and friendly, suggesting relaxing and pleasant experience. Best Replica Watches Anytime you can call to Bar & Dinner Grand Slam for a quick cup of coffee, light breakfast or dinner with friends. The size of the pub allows flexibility and rearrangement, suitable for medium-sized celebrations – business, family, child parties. Our team will gladly provide the extra services needed in order to make your party with us unforgettable.
The traditional menu of the Pub is typical for this sort of restaurants – fast food which preserves its freshness for a long time, refreshing beverages and light alcoholic cocktails. You can always indulge in the selection of coffee, beer and classic wines.
Bar & Dinner Grand Slam is no exception to VITOSHA Park Hotel food processing policy which demands only fresh products to be used and prepared in a healthy manner.