Russian FLEX BALLET is comming in Bulgaria
First time in Bulgaria - the unique "Flexx BALLET Russia".
With no analogues in Russia and Europe “ Flexx BALLET Russia”  represents an incredible balance between swiss replica watches contemporary music, dance and amazing 3D light show from a new generation.
 In the newest project of Flex Ballet called  "Elements" ,  you can find perfect choreography that combines aspects from classical Russian ballet movements,  ancient Chinese martial arts, tango, waltz and many more.
The amazing plasticity, dynamics and movements in the choreography vividly portray the real human emotions - passion, desire, affection, awe, love.
 Several small spectacles merge into one big show, demonstrating the bipolar nature of male brutality dominated by love and female tenderness dominated by the feelings.
"FLEX BALLET RUSSIA" drawn choreography and scenography for the presentation of world brands such as "Mercedes-Benz", "Audi", "BMW", "Honda", "Bvlgary" and other major names in Russia, Japan, China and capitals in Europe with spectacular performances with an audience of over 20,000 people.
 "FLEX BALLET RUSSIA" is a phenomenon in contemporary art, which carries the whiff of modern times and sentiments of centuries of dance. 
The Bulgarian audience is given the  opportunity to  touch the beauty and to experience that feeling on home stage, so on October 8 2016 in Hall 1 of National Palace of Culture, from 19: 00h. "FLEX BALLET RUSSIA" will perform their memorable show "Elements".
Tickets are on sale and can be purchased at the NPC Ticket Center, Office 1, OMV gas stations, Piccadilly and in the ticket system.