Impossible Markets - the management of cross-cultural differences in business
On 14 and 15 May 2015 the conference Impossible Markets will take place at Vitosha Park Hotel. The conference is organizad by Adrio Consulting and is dedicated to the management of cross-cultural differences in business. Impossible Markets aims to popularize good practices, to provoke discussions and to ensure better understanding of the influence of the cross-cultural differences on business environment.
Vitosha Park Hotel is glad to invite its partners and customers to participate in the conference with a special discount.
Up to 13 May the registrations for our partnets and customers are open with 20 % off the regular price with code NQFXNY on webpage
The pass for the conference Impossible Markets covers:
- Full access to the conference presentations and discussions dedicated to cross-cultural topics
- Participation in workshops for development of effective cross-cultural skills
- Networking evening event with degustations at Vitosha Live Club
- Coffee breaks between sessions
- Lunch and brunch at the hotel's restaurant
We invite you to join us for the conference Impossible Markets on 14 May 2015 at 9:00 at the conference hall of Vitosha Park Hotel. For any additional information, please contact us by phone number 0897 687 469 or on webpage