Coffee single-origin 100% Arabica from selected plantations in Ethiopia. For those who perceive the taste as cultural heritage
To find the roots of the best varieties of coffee, Lavazza went to the Ethiopian Kaffa region from which comes the word "coffee" and where it all started. Coffee trees in tropical forests of Kaffa are wild and berries are harvested by hand. The result is a limited production of so-called. "Fcoffee" with premium quality. In 2010 Kaffa region is recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and became part of the World Heritage.
In genetic terms, any ground coffee comes from Kaffa. If everything in nature happens for some reason, that statement in itself is proof of perfection. The quality of local varieties Arabica promote ideal environmental conditions and climate. Clean, natural and authentic coffee Kaffa is the precursor of all coffees.
Kafa is an exclusive product dedicated to those who can really enjoy it, to evaluate its merits and history embodied in taste. Lavazza chose the finest Arabica variety of true espresso connoisseurs. Grains treated with simplicity and quality assurance of the manufacturer with 120 years of experience, passion and professionalism.
Niche product not represented so far: Kafa is a product of the earth - a refined quality and natural origin. This is gold nuggets, rough diamond product that does not need to prove: it is what it is. Its shape is elegant, simple and refined. Luxury is cultural rather than material nature. Coffee in each set Kafa unique. It grows in the forest with minimal human intervention. Coffee beans are selected and picked by hand, one by one. Gustatory experience of this coffee is unique as its origin, making it one of the best in the world. A product 100% Arabica, which encapsulates the flavor of the place from which derived. Coffee with character, great structure and saturated floral fragrance. Proper preparation is essential to fully enjoy underlined aftertaste of honey and figs with a hint of ripe cherries. This coffee can only find in the best restaurants in the HoReCa channel, where can also purchase cut from 250g ground coffee home.