Restaurant Toscana


Avid travelers say that Italy’s Tuscany is a foodie’s paradise. In this sunny place, taste and color have become a cult and all the senses experience a real delight. The legendary image of Tuscany is the inspiration and goal for a creative team of specialists who bring the Mediterranean magic to Sofia.


About the restaurant

Restaurant TOSKANA is the main and largest restaurant in VITOSHA Park Hotel. It is fully aligned with the general capacity, category and profile of the hotel, with the types of events and celebrations represented in the service portfolio, but has its own vision, cuisine and specialized team that give it its own value.

The style of the interior is a harmonious dialogue between an aristocratic atmosphere and a modern spirit. Royal colors are reminiscent of the refined and discreet world of successful people in every era. And the clean design in the furniture and decoration bring the calmness that the modern business person strives for.

Staying here, to the accompaniment of soft music, promises bright emotions and bright memories.

The organization of the space allows mobility and attractive transformation for any kind of business and informal events and celebrations. A team of professionals takes care of the unique atmosphere on various occasions, paying special attention to every detail – from the decoration and the menu to the thematic entertainment programs.



In compliance with the hotel’s general policy, the establishment offers only healthy food. In each season, a first-class selection of leading products is made and they are present in precisely selected combinations.

Deserved attention in the menu is given to the merits of Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Individual and thematic menus are executed, tastings are organized.

Breakfast is served for hotel guests in the TOSCANA restaurant.


The restaurant offers 140 seats.


The team specializes in the overall organization of weddings, family holidays, company parties, cocktails and other themed events that require a sophisticated atmosphere and first-class cuisine.

Services are offered for small and large groups with flexible terms, according to the needs of the client. You can find additional information about prices, promotional packages and reservations.