VIP apartment

Our new VIP designer apartments have been specially designated to meet the demands of detail-oriented connoisseurs looking for an exquisite experience. The apartments feature discrete luxurious ambiance and incarnate the core bond between business success and ultimate working and relaxation environment. Their setting aims at demonstrating the idea that high standard is a matter of culture and conception of the world.

The apartments are suitable for long and short stay, for single use or for sharing with a companion.


The spacious open terrace on the top floor creates an unparalleled feeling of space and unique view – an exquisite blend of beautiful urban landscape, emerald scenery of Students Park and soothing embrace of Vitosha mountain. It is a matchless delight to admire the mild mountain relief, touched by the night Sofia glow in a comfortable and elegant patio furniture.

Special features

All amenities of an apartment fully-equipped with premises to cater for each and every ingredient of the business routine and relaxation, enhanced by interior and service specials. Each VIP apartment is tailor-made and unique. Its design is recognized for the proficient combination of various thematically designated areas – the working and refreshment areas feature inspiration and creativity, the cosy sleeping, dining, social and entertainment areas provide full relaxation. Each and every component of the interior - lighting, decoration, elegant lines, colour harmony and modern fabrics - has been carefully selected to contribute  to the unique ambience.

The bedroom prides one of the best and state-of-the-art hotel sleeping systems. All guests with sleeping disorders highly appreciate the orthopaedic and hygienic mattress, covered with delicate and elegant bed linen.  Combined with the unique wellness atmosphere of the luxurious bathroom, it exerts tangible therapeutical influence by relieving stress and indispositions.
The multifunctional living room patek philippe replica comprises a large wardrobe with mirror doors, highly-ergonomic soft furniture area, LCD TV, cable TV, dining area and a minibar.
Heating and air-conditioning systems include temperature controllers in each room.

High-speed Internet access and telephone services are available in the apartment
The package includes breakfast, safe, swimming pool and fitness center use.

Extra services
: Room service, laundry and  dry-cleaning services, shopping and provision of main common goods and staples, liquor, coffee, cigarettes, sports and souvenir shops, hairdresser’s studio, gymnasiums, business center, wellness center, outdoor parking, rent-a-car, etc
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