Herbal bath
Herbal sauna is a variation of the Finnish sauna , but at a lower temperature - 60 ° C and humidity between 30-40 %, which makes it very suitable for people who can not withstand high temperatures. Selected mix of herbs , grasses and pine twigs are placed on a special electric oven grid, through which steam and heat, release their nutrients . Each customer will enjoy replica watches the natural inhalation of the dry herbs. The body is warmed up gradually in an ideal bio climate, which has a favorable effect on the nervous and circulatory system , promoting purification of the skin, respiratory tract and helps remove toxins . Stay in the herbal sauna eliminates stress of everyday life and leave a feeling of rest and pleasant aromatic sensations.
Recommended downtime is 20 -30 minutes with several breaks in between entries .
Herbal sauna can`t be used :
∙ From pregnant women and children up to age 10 ;
∙ After eating, drinking and drugs .
Dear guests 
Sauna Park at Wellness Center Vitosha includes herbal sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, contrast pool. 
For your convenience, we recommend that you inform the Reception in advance about the hours you would like use the services at tel: 02 816 87 77. 
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