Restaurant Toscana


Travel experts say that the Italian town of Toscana is the culinary connoisseurs’ heaven. This sunny town worships taste and colour, making all senses relish a delight. The legendary image of Toscana has inspired and challenged a creative team of professionals who aim at bringing the Mediterranean magic to Sofia.

TOSCANA Restaurant is the main and largest restaurant in VITOSHA Park Hotel. It fully complies with the hotel capacity, category and high-profile and meets the requirements for holding numerous events and celebrations, offered by the hotel. Furthermore, TOSCANA Restaurant stands out with personal style, cuisine and professional team which add value to its image.

The interior stylishly and harmoniously blends aristocratic ambiance and modern spirit. The royal colours manifest the exquisite and discrete world of success of all times. Elegant furniture and decoration design contribute to the comforting atmosphere, every modern business person is looking for.
Enjoying your meal here, accompanied by quiet music, will be a memorable and intensively emotional experience. 

TOSCANA Restaurant boasts flexible set-up that can be easily and nicely rearranged in order to serve the needs of every formal or informal event and celebration. Our team of professionals will gladly take care of the unique atmosphere required for your occasion, paying special attention to each detail – starting with decoration and menu and finishing with thematic entertainment programs. 

In lines with the general hotel policy, TOSCANA Restaurant serves healthy food only. We carefully choose top quality seasonal products and  zealously combine them to achieve culinary masterpices.
The traditional Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisines have found their well-deserved special place in our menu.
Toskana Restaurant also serves tailor-made and thematic menus and host wine testing events.
All guests of VITOSHA Park Hotel have their buffet breakfast served in TOSCANA Restaurant

Seating Capacity 

TOSCANA Restaurant guests are accommodated in 140 seats.


We specialize in organizing from start to finish events such as: staff parties, Bell & Ross Replica Watches and any other events which demand stylish settings and top-class cuisine.
We are flexible and ready to meet every requirement of small and large groups in order to organize the perfect party. For more information on prices, promotional packages and reservations, please click here.