Miss National Team 2014
National teams of Bulgaria football, volleyball and basketball will start next season with new talismans. New ads Maggie Valchanova that produced the "Miss National Team." New titleholders choose exactly two years after the first competition for the after casting Raikova Theresa, Victoria and Alexandra Koleva Bogdanski became mascots respectively football, volleyball and basketball our internationals. The girls had the task to accompany the national teams of all races who are involved, to meet their rivals and to support them in all their battles on the sports field. "The most important task for me in these two years as" Miss National Basketball Team "was returned to the fans back in the halls for basketball and get them again to believe in our guys," said Alexandra Bogdanski. Teresa Raikova "Miss football team," admits that she wanted to take the crown of "Miss National Volleyball Team," but now two years later proudly bears the title. Misko is already a fan of football and do not intend to miss a single match of the national team, even after the forward crown its new winner. Among the three winners of the title "Miss National Team" was busiest Victoria Koleva. Mascot of our national volleyball team supported the national team at all their competitions. It was the Olympic Games in London in 2012-a year. "Volleyball has become a passion that will not be put aside. This title brought me tears of joy and unforgettable moments with the team. I hope the next winner of the crown to bring more luck volleyball, "said Koleva. This year just started casting in Sofia in early May and bookings for them have already started. Those wishing to participate can do so on the website of "Miss National Team," or on the Facebook page of the contest.
Castings are from 8 to 11 May in Vitosha Park Hotel.
The beautiful contestants for the three titles will be our guest for a month, during which all will be part of an exciting reality show.
Good luck!