E-Fit won the title "Innovation in the gym"
Most innovative place for fitness - E Fit won the title "Innovation in the gym" - try in Wellness Center Vitosha! patek philippe replica uhren
In the first edition of the "Fitness Centre of the Year" E-Fit Studio received the title of "Innovation in the gym." 
The idea of the "Fitness Centre of the Year" is to show the good places to train - halls that are trendsetting, innovative and keep your workouts in the most healthy and effective manner. 
E-Fit is a studio for individual training with EMS (electro- stimulation) with a personal instructor within a 20-minute workout 90% of muscles are stimulated simultaneously throughout the body - 36,000 muscle contractions with the use of an innovative device for EMS "E fit. "
EMS method became popular in Europe and has already been carried out in Bulgaria. E-fit has three studios in Sofia, one of which is in the Wellness Center Vitosha. 
This innovation offers a 20 or 25 minute workouts using the EMS device - a combination of the following programs: fat burning; cardio fitness; figure shaping, firming; bodybuilding; recovery after pregnancy and childbirth; cellulite treatments; relieve back pain; rehabilitation; muscle relaxation (massage). 
The jury of the "Fitness Centre of the Year 2014" included five professionals in the field of sports that were offered after the announcement of the results, in order to avoid any possibility of influencing the decision: 
• Peter Stoychev, world and European champion swimmer 
• Peter Petroff, professional fitness consultant from the United States with nearly 30 years of experience 
• Nicolas Nochevski, independent professional fitness instructors 
• Maria Georgieva, a representative from the Ministry of Youth and Sports 
• Biljana Yotovska, active sports media personality 
More about the contest, please visit http: //www.fitnessoftheyear.com./