"Varna Internаtional" presents "Tears of the Rose"
Days ago - May 6, in one of the most prestigious venues in the world - that of the "Musikverein" in Vienna, "Varna International" launched this year's concert season, which will run until July 10, including events in nine cities in five countries : Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, England and Turkey. According to Chonev Kalin, founder of the "Varna International", "incredibly strong after concerts in Vienna and Prague," forthcoming third show was on May 30 in the hall "Bulgaria", namely the world premiere of "Tears of the Rose" - choral works by classical and contemporary composers from the USA and Europe, African-American spirituals; original arrangements by Georgi Andreev female choir and folk instruments. 
Conductor of the panel will stand Edith Copley, which is conducted by the University of Northern Arizona and arrived in Sofia with two of its elite choirs. 
Welcome from the team Vitosha Park Hotel!