Our core business values…
They trigger Creation, 
They measure Progress,
They guarantee our Future! 
VITOSHA Park Hotel adopted its own internal resource management standards and criteria for integral communication with clients, partners and regular suppliers. 
These standards unite our personal and professional understandings of ethics and honesty, good local practices and international trends advocating business integrity.  
Successful modern leaders have left behind the aggressive strategies and opted for knowledge and manners which guarantee long-term stability. This gives us further confidence to keep following our strategies, based on:
• Attention to the personal needs of those who work for us and those to whom we have devoted our service 
• Straightforward, responsible and reliable management
• Global vision and innovative approach, incorporated at every level of the hotel structure; manifested by our contribution to the national market and social responsibility; demonstrated by our position in the hospitality sector, both at local and international level
• Individual attitude and respect for the corporate values, culture and rules of other companies, organizations, institutions, people and societies.
VITOSHA Park Hotel appreciates every opportunity to improve personal and business relationships. We earn your trust by straightforward display of our intentions and loyalty, so that every time you contact us you have peace of mind and confidence in the efficiency of your communication with us.