About hotel
More than 10 years ago 
a team of professionals sharing innovative ideas, driven by the desire to unite the best of their experience, launched an ambitious project. All details were thoroughly thought over and the objectives followed the values, which enjoyed great success in numerous major national and international business endeavours. 
The perfect location  
is found in the foot of Vitosha mountain- away from the city hustle and bustle and yet close to the modern business rhythm. The architecture accommodates the style and characteristics of modern business people and at the same time preserves the connection with the magnificent mountain.  Nature is an important highlight in both, the exterior and interior design and the green message is conveyed in all symbols of the new brand.  
The architectural drawings  
were executed by the Sofia branch of the renowned Swiss architectural bureau - Interarch Arkitektkontor AB. The hotel comprises 10 floors with thematically allocated zones – the lower levels house the commercial and entertainment units, Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Wellness Center, offices and Conference Center. The higher floors accommodate 173 rooms with Standard, Superior and VIP tiers. The spacious open terraces on the top floor are a nice final touch of the new building, completed in accordance with the ecological standards.  
The main concept of the interior design is based on soothing lines, mild colours, discrete and exquisite decorations and highlights. Each area boasts a vision of its own, emphasizing on its designation and function.
Step by step, Vitosha Park Hotel was completed and ready to cater for the wide range of main and additional services, divided in 
5 main sections 
Accommodation; food and beverage; wellness, relax and sports; business and conferences; weddings and celebrations.
This is how in the beginning of 2005 Bulgarian hospitality market welcomed a new arrival - the four-star business facility Vitosha Park Hotel and its challenging concept, reliable enough to start a life of its own, open for new ideas to meet the high demands of the ever changing business world. 
As of its opening Vitosha Park Hotel gained a leading position and attracted the attention and admiration of honourable members of Bulgarian business, political and cultural community. Worldwide recognized stars such as Boney M, Ricchi E Poveri, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington Orchestra and many more were delighted by the hospitality extended by Vitosha Park Hotel.
Soon after the hotel was opened, our team’s professionalism and the quality of our services were recognized and we received many awards, among which -Conference Hotel of the Year 2005 Award, bestowed by Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association and Golden Award for Most Rapidly Developing Hotel of the Year 2007, bestowed by Tourism and Vacation Magazine. 
Today, Vitosha Park Hotel is distinguished as one of the most elegant city hotels in Bulgaria, a prestigious business and conference center, a landmark, invariably included in the diary of many local and international businesses. 
Our well-established business position and the vast experience gained in the past give us the certainty to face the endless path to improvement which lies ahead of us. Every step we take will make us more confident as we have the most valuable assets – qualified and highly motivated team, competitive product and clients who value it.